Tsveta Kotseva
Art & Photography

Tsveta takes care of the photos and visual stuff. She can usually be seen crouching down behind something trying to get an artistic shot. Tsveta only works part time for us as she’s studying and wants to be a doctor. She is known to leave her logo/trademark flower where ever she goes. Yes, she has her own logo. ✿

Thomas Cummings

Thomas is one of the 2 founders of the company and can usually be found in a studio somewhere or by a coffee machine making his 11th coffee of the day. He is in charge of the day to day running of Ah Boo! which he thought would be the most fun job in the company but it turns out there’s loads of paperwork.

Rysia Burmicz

Rysia is an Ah Boo! founder and manages the publishing side of the company. A scientist by training, Rysia used her maths and physics skills to acoustically design the recording rooms in our purpose built recording studio. Rysia can usually be found in an airport or in a taxi on the way to an airport.

Iliyan Katsarski
Business Development Manager

Iliyan takes care of the Zvooka side of the business which is our Eastern European label. He can usually be found in our Bulgarian office with his headphones in typing out plans to take over the world. A multi-talented guy, Iliyan also turns his hand to web design and has directed a music video.

Ben Startup
Founder - Mega Toshi Records

Ben runs his own label (Mega Toshi Records) as a joint venture with Ah Boo! Ben has worked with bands and members of Mumford and Sons, Babyshambles, Primal Scream, The Cure, Band of Skulls and Moulettes to name just a few. When he’s not signing bands or producing hit after hit in his Winchester studio, Ben can be seen falling off his BMX at skate parks or on a stage in one of his many bands.